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Moving Beyond the Veil

ramblings of a 'being healed one'

the godsart foundation

godsart creed:

we believe in the value of art
art that is communicational, contemplational, and transformational.
art reveals itself in many forms and is transcendent of these forms;
therefore, a painting is a song; a poem, a dance;
all are one and all are art.
the core of art is truth. thus art is worship -
an expression of who we are in relation to the creator of all.

we believe in the image of god as revealed in every living thing.
all things are created by him and reflect his nature.
we as human beings are unique reflections of that divine image,
therefore we seek to humbly, worthily, and freely reflect it in every place.

we believe in the apostle’s creed;

we believe in the values of solitude and community;
of simplicity, service, and sacrifice.
through them we live artfully, with compassion and creativity.
without them, life, love, and art are worthless, useless, and vain.
because we believe in the resurrection of worthless things,
we are never, never, never without hope. through art we express that hope.

- - -
**[this is our creed. we who are so called proclaim it. may God bless
all his children, wherever under his wings they may hear his holy call].

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