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Context July 2007!

Here's the link to the July issue of Context.
Sorry for all the delays!

1) Adairsville Idol #2 - our Summer Event will be Adairsville Idol, round 2. It will be pretty much the same thing as last year, a "songwriter's round" with each special guest bringing 1 or 2 of their original pieces to share - This is NOT Open Mic!! So if you're interested in performing, please let me know!! Date still pending, but most likely a late August Sunday afternoon. Possibly September, depending on...

I would love to have a special feature appearance with
http://www.myspace.com/amywallacemusic - my friend Amy Wallace. Collapse )

2) Brother Sun, Sister Moon
The Fall event for the Experiencing Room will be the first weekend of October (probably Saturday the 6th) in honor of St. Francis' Saint Day.

That is also the weekend of the annual "Great Locomotive Chase Festival" Collapse )

3) Pray for the funds to get an Mp3 recorder, connectible to a soundboard - then I can drop rough cuts of the songs from the sweet sound system at church, and then throw them up on the site as well!! I'm a little late, but I guess I need some listening capabilities if I want y'all to be able to share the joy of our songs!! Also, we'll be able to record our church sermons for their website. So pray for the recorder, and the future of the godsart foundation. I have a feeling 2008 is gonna be even bigger for us!!

Be blessed until next time. PS! I did get that job I requested prayer for in a previous entry, and will start working days again after I return from Anniversary in Savannah in August! No more night shifts!!!Thanks for all the prayers!!!
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What do you want?

Someone asked the question - asked it of themself actually - was asked it by someone else, I guess and decided to take it home as an assignment.

What do you want

I wanted to post a response, but I think the best way to post my thoughts about this topic would be to post here. Our answers to big questions like that are not always the answers for someone else - but what we feel they might be for ourselves. What do I want? and here's what my thought was, very simple.

My entire life is the process of asking that question and also is the answer. When I get to the end and add it all up, I will truly know what I wanted, the moment of my death will be the moment of truth. Did you get what you wanted?

So that was the thought. Where that leaves me now is this. Each moment is also the question, and I answer it with each moment, each opportunity. If I miss one of those infinite moments, one of those shooting stars, I have another one coming right at me. Sheeeeeewm! So while each moment simultaneously has the chance to be a failure of a moment, each moment that follows it is an equal opportunity for redemption. So I choose now not to regret the past failures, nor to regret the future ones heading my way. I choose now to be grateful for every shooting star I catch.

As it slices through my hand, burning the flesh of my palm, piercing through it like a spike against a cross at the infinite speed of time. I see now that each moment is an opportunity to take up my cross, to die daily. I did not realize that when I logged on to post this...but I hope to make the most of this momentary epiphany.

God Bless.

P.S. this does not mean I am overflowing with cotton candy clouds of joy. however. I am grateful. Peace.
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Job changes in the air

Hmmm...it seems that job changes are in the air for a lot of people.
I won't bore with details, but will say that it is the same for me...

Perhaps this is confirmation that I am on the right track.
Pray for me, and I'll pray for you. We'll see what happens.

Other than that - WHEW! How June has flown by!
The June issue of Context is going to be the June / July issue!!
stay tuned.
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Uncovered - Lyrics Revealed!!

(c) 2007 - godsart uncovered writing team

Uncovered...before the world
Before you Lord, I stand
Discovered...Exposed to the Light
Though I'm terrified, I see you now
Uncovered...never been here before
Walking through this door I am...
Discovered...You've removed the scales
I can see through the veil,
I understand...Uncovered

There was once a man who wouldn't give up on himself
And couldn't make sense of dying...
There was once a man who thought seeing was believing
Toiling, achieving, striving...
But the shadows grew longer and nothing seemed to change
He couldn't see the fire at work from the inside out

I was like that Lord, feeling uncovered
As if the world saw me bare
Until I realized I was discovered
So Lord lead me to your light, let me be a reflection


v.3 /Bridge:
Here I stand alone, knowing right from wrong
But it hurts to be exposed as myself
I try to grasp the key to enter through the veil
That's when I am found...by You


Now that I can see
What you would have me be
I'm amazed at all the possibilities
Now I understand
This undiscovered land
Is even more than you have promised me...


Collapse )

I'm kicking myself for not taking a photo - but let these lyrics be the ultimate snapshot.
Is a lyric of 1000 words worth one picture?

Thanks again to everyone!
Donovan S.L.
godsart foundation
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Context May will be here very soon!

Some of you may have gotten the announcement that the May edition of Context is already online. I did make the announcement in hopes of having it up immediately, but I was consumed with "Uncovered" yesterday, and today I'm consumed with recovery from it.

The newsletter is done - I apologize but I will not be able to upload it to the site until tomorrow! In the meantime, since I do not have a hit counter - why don't you just pop a click to the "Post a Comment" button below and let me know you were here - you get special godsart points for trying!

I do hope to have lyrics to "Uncovered" up on the site later today! We had a great time, but I am drained!! My hope is that somewhere between now and our Summer event, we can tweak the song, record a rough version of it, and make it available for downloading or on CD. Remind me not to forget! and any donations you wish to make to the project will be appreciated.

Stay tuned!
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Uncovered - Secrets and Press Release

Uncovered Reminder!

Pool Party (kids welcome)
Songwriting Workshop (secret details below!)
Spring Worship Nite! This Sunday, June 3rd! Please come!

Collapse )

In other news!!
you may now go to http://godsart.com (godsart.com for short) to access the latest info on the godsart foundation!

http://ctrceccanton.envy.nu/godsart/SpringWshipNite.doc - click here to download the "Uncovered" flier (Word Doc) with basic details. . .

Y'all have a good nite and I hope to see you on Sunday! Email me if you need directions!
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i am sad. while i can say with assurance that 'God is Good, All the Time' - quite often that is a cover for a lot of struggle.

i don't mean that the 'cover' means it is insincere or not true - but to say it is really saying a lot more than just that "Life in God is always Roses and Buttercups."

Indeed it is not, and so I can say with assurance, sincerity, and verifiably - I am priveleged to be in the meat grinder of process that ultimately results in the phrase "God is Good, All the Time."

In short, that means I am sad.
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(no subject)

It has been a tough year. I'm coming up on a year of this online journal.

I wonder at times why the appeal of godsart (the journal AND the movement) is so small, slow and un-catching.

I have a few theories. But first a link that no lover of creativity should ignore.
Museum of Bad Art (MOBA) - it seems to me that the ability to celebrate this type of art is what unveils its positive loveability.

Now, On to my theories. While I have had blogs before and lobbed (or lobbied ?) my opinion grenades, thought processes, and random ramblings without reserve, this blog has been decidedly more censored.

Could it be that this journal (or movement as the case may be) is:

A) "Boring" - The lack of personal quirkiness, personality in general, and compelling information, in general may have rendered the notion of godsart "boring." While to me, godsart and what it means is a destiny, but perhaps in terms of how I put it forth, it just doesn't have any appeal.

B) Undiscovered? - while i find the treasure, treasureness, and a fascinating story in the fact of "being amazing but undiscovered"...Will the story be fulfilling if it forever remains so? Sometimes could be a bummer. I hope to remedy some of that via publicity for "Uncovered." But the fear lingers.

C) Misrepresenting? - lack of information, again...could contribute. I need more. I need more perspective. I need more "POV" (point of view, abbrev.). More content, more explanation, but what about the fascinating quality of "mystery?"

D) Absolutely Representative - this scares me more. This is where my fears come out. Perhaps...Perhaps I (eye) (aye) am boring? Annoying? Ignorably loveable? Perhaps. What must remain is a steadfastness to what I've been called to achieve, and at the same time, a willingness to shore up in any area that is a red flag for "not a good person."

E) Just right. Like Porridge, like Jesus, like authenticity - sometimes the best diamonds are what they are without fanfare. But oh how I crave fanfare. Sometimes the best movements are the currents that move silently under the surface, all the while affecting nations...or at least, ecosytems.

F) An opportunity to always ask the question? Yes. That is the question. That is the answer. What are my fears? These are my fears. What is this journal? Look up...above (meaning the text above) (meaning (?) the Divine Script (?) Above and beyond (?)). Like life, this poem (which is to say, this journal) IS a life, which means, sometimes boring...sometimes unnoticed...sometimes misunderstood...sometimes not...Like Porridge...Like Butter. Greasy and Real.

Enjoy the bad art, there is something to witness underneath. While disgusting and invoking insane laughter at the same time, still somehow it says something about...Hmmmmmmmmm, what are you doing with your opportunities?

Have a good night.