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I am still alive and life is hard but good. It seems many of my friends have ditched LJ - I guess facebook is the new look.

He Saved Us - Oh...He Saved Us, Before Our Life Began...
I have not written a worship song (or any other kind of song) lately, too busy - but!!! My daughter Micailah DID write one, it is so beautiful and so "Hillsongs of Australia" to me that I had to help her with it and put it in our rotation for church!!! I want to get it recorded (I know I always overpromise on these things) and will keep you updated as a recording comes available. This song is awesome - and ROYALTIES WORTHY!!! Can't wait!

(9/15/08 12:37:00) I will try later today to put a tag in and post the lyrics under the tag

I had a great time on Saturday with my select men's group at Chick Fil A. The men's group I am a part of on Monday nights, a few of us got together to share our story more in depth and enjoy a biscuit. One of the guys left early and paid for all of us!!! Score!! Thanks be to God, he knows that cash is always a concern for me...Also my buddy Phil, he is great, we hung out Fri nite, & he gave me a crash pad so I did not have to drive so far. He also paid for my dinner!! God is soooo Good!!! It is great to have great men in my life that I can listen to and can listen to me and be a vehicle of God's love and of acceptance and forgiveness in relationships - REAL relationships.

Church is hard work
Unfortunately, though I love church, and everyone in it - it seems like it is a harder place to actually actualize these relationships, especially with the men in them. Perhaps this is because we are so busy "doing the work" that the relationship part of it goes away for me. Too much agenda is a relationship killer...Or is it just me??? However Phil, he is one exception to that rule.

I am blessed although through many trials. God grant me the serentity to have a pillow to shout in - so that the precious others around me will not be damaged by my sorrows. May I write a Psalm of desolation to glorify thy name. Amen.
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words for a larger emotion - a work in progress

There is a graciousness to your compassion,
A wonderfulness in your laughter...

for You have made her a gift of wonder,
and she cannot help but share her treasure with the world...

Restore us, cause your face to shine upon us
Restore us, and we will be saved...

There is a Zen to your forgiveness,
Come inside me and invest in my wholeness...

For you have made her a gift of wonder
and she cannot help but share her treasure with all the world...

She dances in moonlight, and angels bow down
She bows her head, all creation groans...

for you have made her a gift of wonder,
and she cannot help but share her treasure with the world...

She is a gift of wonder, and the world shares its treasures with her.

Just thoughts - perhaps to be revised...or left in their unfinished simplicity....

of relevance to my thoughts and inspiration - this may mean nothing to anyone, but, a quote from an older work of mine:

"Somewhere between the span
of this rigid ambiguity
the points of this polarity
And meet mysteriously.
And this intersection bears a name

And you know the name
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[Breaking the moratorium] Talkin' bout a pile of...

ft work....

Not tryin' to invade the sanctity of your sabbatical, but just a friendly update in the wake of missing you.

There are awakenings takening place in the lipham walls - certainly not all fun or pain free. Chris is awakening to life and I am jogging around mountains - and getting jogged in the process! But somewhere along the way I am learning a lot of country songs, and even singing along with 'em in my sleep.

These songs are indicting me at every turn and inciting passion and regret between us. I truly know fear-- now faith has truly become the substance of things not seen. But I also see glimmers of evidence of things hoped for - In other news, I paintballed with the guys and spilled blood on Sunday, to a transcendent end, I'm sure somehow.

But I'm trying not to be too occupied with lofty things right now - just wafting in a haze between the Cledus T Judd morning show and the aftermath of the oddest August Anniversary to Holidays run I've ever seen!

Well it's snowing and I better get my eyes on the interstate. Thanks for walking me through the worst of the evening traffic via the longest message I've ever texted from the road.

Man of constant sorrows,
Winner at a losing game,
Your Buckaroo (hey ain't that cool)

Sent from my BlackBerry Wireless Handheld [to an absentee father...]

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Bite Your Tongue: More Ways To Improve Your Presentations

 Don’t overwhelm the audience. Be entertaining but use moments of silence, soft speech, and slow cadence. Any performer will tell you the trick to a really great performance is to make the audience come to you. The more you go after them, the more you push them away. When people watch Steve Jobs, they think they know what he’s going to do, but he titillates them until they can barely stand it and makes the audience come crawling to him.

[godsart copied this from a list of 8 presentation tips - this one really stood out to me. I plan on passing it along. I can post the others later, if there's interest]
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Brother Sun, Sister Moon Party - October 6! This Weekend!

 Brother Sun, Sister Moon Party - October 6! This Weekend!

The Experiencing Room is proud to announce that we will indeed be blessed with the masterful and mindful music of David Teems who graced us with his presence for our event last fall.

Collapse )
 Read on for the history of the BSSM party, and the flavor we'll have this year.

The Brother Sun Sister Moon party originated in November of 1999 when our church had just been established as a bona fide mission of the CEC upon the ordination of our priest, Fr. Kurt Wheeler.

As a way of saying "thanks" to my music team for their hard work in pulling off this prestigious event, and setting a great tone for our beginnings, I scheduled a viewing of the film Brother Sun, Sister Moon which sums up the life of St. Francis of Assisi very simply. Very Flower-Childy Too!! Which somehow speaks to my core, as a child of the 70's.

"Small Beginnings, Greater Ends" as the song goes being a prime message of hope and patience for our then infant church.

As the years have progressed, I have learned more about St. Francis and his love of community, simplicity, radical authenticity, and nature, and see him as a real hero. I do not seek to mimic him, but rather learn from his example and use it as sort of a pattern of Christ that I can relate to - we are all called differently. 

We've moved the party date closer to the officially recognized "Saint Day" for Saint Francis (October 4), and it just so happens by our good fortune, that this year, our date coincides with the prime annual festival that Adairsville has to its name - the Great Locomotive Chase Festival, and I see this as a great continuation of what St. Francis was about, to tie a community event in to our party.

David and his wife as fans of this movie were delighted to be a part of it last year, and so I'm thrilled that they'll be again joining us this year, although the set may take on a more simplistic tone - that of a friend dropping by and sharing with us.
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Update on 2nd Annual Adairsville Idol - September 9th!!


Just a reminder that our Summer Event at the Experiencing Room is this Sunday!!

In addition to Amy Wallace being on tap for this event, I am really excited because I confirmed last week with Danny Brown (of Adairsville, front man of the "Danny Brown Band") that he is going to join us again this year!!

For those that were able to make it out last year, he showed up and was spliced into our set - his backwoods, down to earth country style was memorable and magnetic! I'm thrilled that he will be back.

If you are interested in coming and need directions, email me at godsart@hotmail.com and I'll send them on up for you.

Meanwhile, you can click the link above for additional deets, a downloadable flier, as well as the August issue of Context!

See you Sunday!
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Context and Summer Event! Adairsville Idol (2)

Please print off a copy of the August issue of Context! Available now.

In which I share from my heart about God's place in the world for myself (and all of us). Yes, God does use secular movies to speak to us!

Also, you'll see there information about the Experiencing Room's Summer event which "fast approacheth"! You can also download a flier for the summer event here:2nd Annual Adairsville Idol - Keep in mind that this is a concert that is open to anyone who wants to come; it's a concert, NOT a workshop. Our spring workshop is sort of supposed to be a boost for creative ideas which may AND will reveal themselves in the actual songwriter's concert.

If you come, bring your swimsuit and a towel. Bring a friend as well!
"Uncovered" - the song bearing the same name as our spring event will be one of the new works showcased, as well as "Redeem Me" the song that Christina (wife) and I have just locked down with a couple of lyrical revisions. To see the full lyric Collapse ) - but you really have to hear the song live to get the full effect!!!
Please consider coming out September 9th! Pass a flier out and send 'em our way!

Be blessed
Donovan S.L.
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Brother Sun, Sister Moon possibilities

Brother Sun, Sister Moon Update!
(I've been out of town, sorry for the scant presence!)
- - -

Benita and David Teems *might* be interested in BSSM again this fall, but I'm worried as to whether we can gather - what do you think? If you have any creative ideas let me know. (Money is an issue)

Remember, it's the weekend of St. Francis Day, and the "Great Locomotive Chase Festival" of Adairsville coincides with it, so I think I'll be utilizing the festival as a jumping off point for the party, and hope you'll all be able to make it.

If you are a follower of godsart and/or the Experiencing Room events, I'm thinking about a booth with some various godsartian products, and if David comes to do another concert, publicity for that via the booth as well, so any prayers along those lines is appreciated!!!