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Memorial Day weekend

Working a double shift today at work. Nothing going on the day after the holiday.

I discovered I had received a "Bravo" award when I came in to my office this afternoon - an award for "above and beyond" action, given by a coworker. Apparently, I can cash them in for some kind of cool prize once I have accumulated a certain number - kind of like the tickets at Chuck E. Cheese, or Dave & Buster's here in ATL. Busy, long weekend, busier long week. I work another double on Thursday.

Meanwhile I have to find time to scoot out to East Atlanta to pick up a sustain pedal and power supply for my keyboard that I left at St. Andrew's Sunday night.

In my rush to pack up, our dear Bishop John Holloway approached me, very graciously thanked me for my music and I informed him that, to my dismay we will not be able to attend the annual Convocation taking place next week at our Cathedral, his parish in Thomaston.

In all of that, I must have set the two items down, and there they stayed. What a nightmare it would have been to have to travel all the way out there just to get it - a far cry from the "joy and privelege" it was to go out there and provide the worship music.

The victory in all of that was that, even though I was slightly annoyed that I left the crucial items (I can't play without them) in Conyers, I made a quick decision to "get over it" and not let it spoil my entire night.

I'll admit on the long drive home, I did think about it several times...but I didn't let it derail me. That's a huge victory for me.

- - -It's an honor to serve with our Bishop. He always brings a word that is fresh and full...even when I've heard the same message the same day, or the previous week, etc...He always has a surprise though - I've noticed a consistency in that, he always starts out so slowly I wonder where he's going with it, and if he'll get there. I feel myself starting to let go, but his anointing comes with a sort of "backdraft" effect where the 'slack' of my ebbing attention-span only creates greater momentum as I'm sucked back in for the sucker punch.

I noticed this effect the first time I heard him speak in May of 1997, and he's still at it here in '06. It was about Love, this time - his theme - somewhat reminiscent of the Jack Frost vibe, but with a Holloway twist.- - -

I am sad that I missed out on our big Sunday pool party for the kids - getting out of school and all...I'm glad that our house could be utilized for ministry and fun, but I'm glad I was able to serve in my own capacity while Christina was holding down the fort.

I am excited that a) our piano has been tuned, and b) we purchased a compressor which cleared out the clogged pool pump pipe and allowed us to regain proper flow - paving the way for that cool clear water.

Memorial Day was great. We have the perfect next-door neighbors! Can't wait to get to know them better, and create lasting memories in the hood.

2nd entry. over and out.
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