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Resurrection Month - Awake My Soul and Sing!!

Laura Hackett Park in her song "You Satisfy My Soul" sings the following line: gotta sing your way into the truth, you gotta sing your way into the truth, you gotta sing your way into the Truth..."

And this has never been truer. Tonight was an exercise in that, as we gathered at Living Waters in Decatur and sang our way into the sweet spot of His presence and into the place where Glory dwells. He called us "Deeper Still" into love, and I saw a chasm in the deep ocean, a rift into which we were going down, down, down, was a place of such pressure, compression and to be honest, "darkness" but I heard very clearly that this was the "Place Where My Glory Dwells." Even as we were rounding out a chorus, our worship leader, Abbey began exhorting that we do not embrace darkness, so I was puzzled at the irony of what I had just seen in the spirit...embracing "going deeper" with God into a secret place, into the place where no one has gone before, into the story of our brokenness, and it seeming "dark" but this being a place where His Glory dwells.

Come Holy Spirit and shine your light into our darkness - become that place where we have never gone before, but where your Glory Dwells nonetheless.

Somewhere in Scripture (one of the Psalms) it says - if I go to the depths of the sea you are there, your hand will lead me and your right hand hold me fast.

So - come Lord Jesus - bring your Glory amidst my dark depths. I also sensed the phrase "Plumb the Depths" and I know that this is an invitation of my Savior regarding an unearthing journey He is about to take me on.

I think I will switch over to my darker, more private journal for that. See you world, or whoever is watching, when I return.


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