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Enjoying the Summer Cornucopia

Okay, so I am using my LiveJournal to actually blog, which apparently is taboo on Facebook, even though they are kind of sort of the same thing. I have been blogging for almost 9 years, so it is funny for me to see FaceBook users announcing, hey, I've decided to start a blog!! And then there are those of us here, migrating to Facebook. It is kind of like having a land line, a cell phone, and a blackberry all at once.

At any rate, this has been one fantastic (and yet surprisingly normal) summer!! I have great friends, a great family, a great life ~ This summer, I am enjoying the fact that our electric bill has gone down, which is really great, because I just quit a "part time job." God is really good. We adjusted our budget to accomodate living without my ministry stipend, and now, our electric bill is way lower for the first time in 4 years.


Some of this has to do with the fact that we decided to go non-AC this year. I had no idea that it was solely killing us. We bought a bunch of fans, and it has not been a sucky summer. We started using our attic fan which really helped. The house came with it, but we couldn't use it before because the windows were sealed shut and this would have pulled soot through the house via our super old chimneys.

Anyway. No time to finish this blog thing right now. Just to say, visiting churches has been fun and new, and God always speaks in his way. He is so faithful. Gotta go eat dinner with the fam now. Love you!!


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