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Things are going fairly well for me right now. However, I know that the intention for my passions about Jesus, my wife, and living well are stronger than the execution.

I was on a fairly good God high from late October thru the holidays. Am doing well with the physical exercise which helps me to have more energy for embracing life and godliness. I am in need of a re-charge, or perhaps a new alternator.

Small Group Study:

Starting the book "Papa Prayer" by Larry Crabb this week, with my group. Haven't got the book yet, and most of my guys said it's nowhere to be found. Actually, I found one at Lifeway Christian Stores in Kennesaw, and just now as I was typing about the book SERENDEPITY!! My wife called to let me know it was in hand (I sent her on errand to pick it up while she was in Kennesaw with the kids going to Chuck E. Cheese). YAY!!

Living Waters:

Tuesday I dropped in after work to the Atlanta Living Waters group meeting at Church of the Apostles. It was great and great to hear the testimony of one God brought back literally from the brink of destruction and despair. Good to hear references to "Ezekiel" the prophet, who has been in mind by Christina lately. Speaking of Living Waters...

Saturday I am going down with Christina and Brandy to a Living Waters Leadership 1-day ministry/teaching time. I will be leading the warm-up early morning worship for session 1, Hoorah! Just a few songs. We have to be there super early. Please pray for me that I will have enough rest/energy as I'm working 2 double shifts back to back on Thursday and Friday leading up to this event. But it promises to be just the type of recharge I need, so I am excited.

God is blessing us! Please Lord, more!
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