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I am still alive and life is hard but good. It seems many of my friends have ditched LJ - I guess facebook is the new look.

He Saved Us - Oh...He Saved Us, Before Our Life Began...
I have not written a worship song (or any other kind of song) lately, too busy - but!!! My daughter Micailah DID write one, it is so beautiful and so "Hillsongs of Australia" to me that I had to help her with it and put it in our rotation for church!!! I want to get it recorded (I know I always overpromise on these things) and will keep you updated as a recording comes available. This song is awesome - and ROYALTIES WORTHY!!! Can't wait!

(9/15/08 12:37:00) I will try later today to put a tag in and post the lyrics under the tag

I had a great time on Saturday with my select men's group at Chick Fil A. The men's group I am a part of on Monday nights, a few of us got together to share our story more in depth and enjoy a biscuit. One of the guys left early and paid for all of us!!! Score!! Thanks be to God, he knows that cash is always a concern for me...Also my buddy Phil, he is great, we hung out Fri nite, & he gave me a crash pad so I did not have to drive so far. He also paid for my dinner!! God is soooo Good!!! It is great to have great men in my life that I can listen to and can listen to me and be a vehicle of God's love and of acceptance and forgiveness in relationships - REAL relationships.

Church is hard work
Unfortunately, though I love church, and everyone in it - it seems like it is a harder place to actually actualize these relationships, especially with the men in them. Perhaps this is because we are so busy "doing the work" that the relationship part of it goes away for me. Too much agenda is a relationship killer...Or is it just me??? However Phil, he is one exception to that rule.

I am blessed although through many trials. God grant me the serentity to have a pillow to shout in - so that the precious others around me will not be damaged by my sorrows. May I write a Psalm of desolation to glorify thy name. Amen.

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