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[Breaking the moratorium] Talkin' bout a pile of...

ft work....

Not tryin' to invade the sanctity of your sabbatical, but just a friendly update in the wake of missing you.

There are awakenings takening place in the lipham walls - certainly not all fun or pain free. Chris is awakening to life and I am jogging around mountains - and getting jogged in the process! But somewhere along the way I am learning a lot of country songs, and even singing along with 'em in my sleep.

These songs are indicting me at every turn and inciting passion and regret between us. I truly know fear-- now faith has truly become the substance of things not seen. But I also see glimmers of evidence of things hoped for - In other news, I paintballed with the guys and spilled blood on Sunday, to a transcendent end, I'm sure somehow.

But I'm trying not to be too occupied with lofty things right now - just wafting in a haze between the Cledus T Judd morning show and the aftermath of the oddest August Anniversary to Holidays run I've ever seen!

Well it's snowing and I better get my eyes on the interstate. Thanks for walking me through the worst of the evening traffic via the longest message I've ever texted from the road.

Man of constant sorrows,
Winner at a losing game,
Your Buckaroo (hey ain't that cool)

Sent from my BlackBerry Wireless Handheld [to an absentee father...]


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