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Brother Sun, Sister Moon Party - October 6! This Weekend!

 Brother Sun, Sister Moon Party - October 6! This Weekend!

The Experiencing Room is proud to announce that we will indeed be blessed with the masterful and mindful music of David Teems who graced us with his presence for our event last fall.

Brother Sun, Sister Moon Party - A rampdown from the local "Great Locomotive Chase Festival" of Adairsville ~
a) Location:  - 120 King Street / Adairsville, GA / 30103 - We are next to Adairsville Elementary School.

b) Festival Time: 10am - 8pm Come early for the Festival parade and to enjoy local fair/fare - will have rides, food, music and vendors, just up the hill!!

c) Party / Concert Time: Sundown - Our party will begin around sundown, with a sampling of scenes from the Brother Sun Sister Moon movie and the music of David Teems! Afterward, we will ramp down at the fire pit by the pool.

d) Directions - email for directions by email (which are better than mapquest). You may also call 678-274-2795. This number will be deleted from this post after the party.

e) PLEASE CALL AND LET ME KNOW!! Seats are limited - But I really need to fill them, so I need to know you're coming!! They are not THAT limited...
 Read on for the history of the BSSM party, and the flavor we'll have this year.

The Brother Sun Sister Moon party originated in November of 1999 when our church had just been established as a bona fide mission of the CEC upon the ordination of our priest, Fr. Kurt Wheeler.

As a way of saying "thanks" to my music team for their hard work in pulling off this prestigious event, and setting a great tone for our beginnings, I scheduled a viewing of the film Brother Sun, Sister Moon which sums up the life of St. Francis of Assisi very simply. Very Flower-Childy Too!! Which somehow speaks to my core, as a child of the 70's.

"Small Beginnings, Greater Ends" as the song goes being a prime message of hope and patience for our then infant church.

As the years have progressed, I have learned more about St. Francis and his love of community, simplicity, radical authenticity, and nature, and see him as a real hero. I do not seek to mimic him, but rather learn from his example and use it as sort of a pattern of Christ that I can relate to - we are all called differently. 

We've moved the party date closer to the officially recognized "Saint Day" for Saint Francis (October 4), and it just so happens by our good fortune, that this year, our date coincides with the prime annual festival that Adairsville has to its name - the Great Locomotive Chase Festival, and I see this as a great continuation of what St. Francis was about, to tie a community event in to our party.

David and his wife as fans of this movie were delighted to be a part of it last year, and so I'm thrilled that they'll be again joining us this year, although the set may take on a more simplistic tone - that of a friend dropping by and sharing with us.
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