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Update on 2nd Annual Adairsville Idol - September 9th!!

Just a reminder that our Summer Event at the Experiencing Room is this Sunday!!

In addition to Amy Wallace being on tap for this event, I am really excited because I confirmed last week with Danny Brown (of Adairsville, front man of the "Danny Brown Band") that he is going to join us again this year!!

For those that were able to make it out last year, he showed up and was spliced into our set - his backwoods, down to earth country style was memorable and magnetic! I'm thrilled that he will be back.

If you are interested in coming and need directions, email me at and I'll send them on up for you.

Meanwhile, you can click the link above for additional deets, a downloadable flier, as well as the August issue of Context!

See you Sunday!
Tags: adairsville idol, context, dan brown band

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