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Brother Sun, Sister Moon possibilities

Brother Sun, Sister Moon Update!
(I've been out of town, sorry for the scant presence!)
- - -

Benita and David Teems *might* be interested in BSSM again this fall, but I'm worried as to whether we can gather - what do you think? If you have any creative ideas let me know. (Money is an issue)

Remember, it's the weekend of St. Francis Day, and the "Great Locomotive Chase Festival" of Adairsville coincides with it, so I think I'll be utilizing the festival as a jumping off point for the party, and hope you'll all be able to make it.

If you are a follower of godsart and/or the Experiencing Room events, I'm thinking about a booth with some various godsartian products, and if David comes to do another concert, publicity for that via the booth as well, so any prayers along those lines is appreciated!!!

Tags: brother sun sister moon, bssm, david teems

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